There is a saying that goes “Actions speaks louder than Words” which is 50% right, I am not saying people are wrong with that statement but words create permanence in our hearts, at this point, I know you are a bit confused on why I say so, Let’s see it this way, If Actions can be forgivable, Words rather can’t be forgettable.
  If someone was to offend me with their actions, I will be so quick to let it go and smile and forgive, sleep on it and wake up forgetting about how I was treated yesterday, well I know we are not alike, we are different but all I am trying to say is Words stick more than Actions.

When dealing with people, know that you are not dealing with creatures of logic but rather creatures of emotions. The minute you know or realize your actions and words matter, the minute you begin to treat people better but we are growing in an era of “I don’t care“, Yes, some say it is because of people attitude towards them, some people can be nasty with their choice of words, I mean we are all humans and we all have our flaws but how long are we going to keep using that as an excuse to treat people badly when we do nothing to better our mistakes or flaws.
      Never answer a nasty comment about that’s never going to add anything in your life, they don’t make you less than you are neither define you. I fell into depression once, I had just gotten out of a bad relationship where I was ridiculed of my body size, shape and face by my partner and friends, I let it define me, it took self acceptance and God Grace to come out of if, someone even suggested rehabilitation for me to my mum.
      You are God’s creation, made in his image, but know one thing, the fury of an anger is only for a second, whatever said or done at that time can never be taken back, whatever said can mare someone. There’s no one that wasn’t born without feelings, emotions and a heart. 99.9% of people today has somehow somewhere broken someone. Humans act on quick reflexes, when we are angry and get hurt, we feel an energy within us to backlash whosoever hurts us, I have no judgement against that because we offended each other every minute but some of us go extreme and do things that can get us into troubles which brings CURSEREGRET AND GRUDGE (CRG)
       Words are of great intensity, as a matter of fact, every principle of man was birthed from Words, every Action is birthed from a long line of spoken words even reactions are a product of the UNIQUENESS OF WORDS SPOKEN and as uniquely as it sounds, Life(CREATION) according to us, Christians, is said to have been spoken into existence by words by the Almighty. So truly the power of Words is a Prerequisite for Actions